Childcare Petition

We all understand that juggling work and family life can be a struggle for parents. Things can be equally difficult for those who choose to stay at home and look after their children, as they often need to pay for expensive childcare in order to go out and do essential tasks.

Current Government provisions make it difficult to raise young children and just take a break for a few hours or even go back to work part-time, which can cause even more of strain in the economic crisis.

Liberal Democrats believe that things need to change and parents should be entitled to up to 20 hours of free, high quality childcare for each child from 18 months to when they start school. Parents would be free to take the full amount, a few hours a week or none at all. If you support this cause then sign the petition calling for the Government to bring in the extra childcare:

Click Here to Sign the Childcare Petition Now!


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