Campaign for Body Confidence

Campaign for Body Confidence

We never could have anticipated the media storm that would be created by our body image campaign, or the many messages of support we have received from women and men across the country.  We have been contacted by psychologists, academics, eating disorder specialists, journalists, models, photographers, scientists and social workers, all wanting to get involved in the campaign to tackle the pressure felt by people of all ages to conform to unrealistic body image ideals.

In response to this groundswell of support, we decided to launch the Campaign for Body Confidence.  We are setting up a steering group of people to meet regularly and lead the way forward.

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Our Pledge

We believe that the pressure to conform to impossible stereotypes is damaging our sense of well-being and leading to increasing unhappiness, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression and eating disorders in women, particularly amongst young people and children – and men

We believe that everyone has the right, whatever their size, shape or form, to feel happy about themselves.

Therefore we pledge to campaign for Body Confidence to influence the fashion, beauty, diet, and media industries – and the government to:

–             ensure honesty and transparency in advertising,

–             promote diversity of body shapes and sizes used in magazines, advertising, broadcast and catwalk

–             introduce media literacy and body confidence education in school

–             give children positive examples of using their bodies by promoting active lifestyles and less sexualised imagery

In our various circles of influence, we undertake to move this agenda forward by campaigning for Body Confidence.

We will meet twice per year to report back on our actions and our successes.

Many of you have already signed this pledge, if you have not done so and would like to, you can download it here.

Once signed, please email it to

Join Us

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Campaign News

22/06/2010 Women’s sporting events are ignored by free TV
17/06/2010 Debenhams launches new un-airbrushed ad campaign
14/06/2010 Huge increase in complaints to ASA
25/03/2010 Effects of media images on body image
09/03/2010 Campaign For Body Confidence: Jo Swinson MP interview
08/03/2010 Launch of the Campaign for Body Confidence
26/02/2010 Home Office review backs Lib Dem airbrushing proposals
23/02/2010 Psychiatrists back plans for airbrush kitemarks says Jo Swinson
16/12/2009 ASA Bans ‘Misleading’ Twiggy Advert


In the media

22/06/10 Call for more women’s sport on TV (Press Association)

18/06/10 Revealed: secrets of airbrushing as Debenhams bans controversial practice (Telegraph)

17/06/10 Debenhams bans the airbrush from swimwear ad campaign – and lays bare all the sneaky tricks of the trade (Daily Mail)

21/04/10 Chasing the fantasy figure could kill you (Arab News)

08/03/10 Campaign For Body Confidence: Jo Swinson MP interview (Total Politics)

08/03/10 Female celebs in Westminster for body image debate (ePolitix)

07/03/10 Boots give zits the brush-off (News of the World)

23/02/10 Media is fuelling eating disorders, say psychiatrists (BBC News)

15/02/10 Cut and thrust of bra wars (The Herald)

17/12/09 Airbrushing imperfections simply peddles an ugly lie (The Herald)

17/12/09 Olay rapped over Twiggy’s lying eyes: Advert banned for retouching 60-year-old model (Daily Mail)

17/12/09 Martine Backs Twiggy Over ‘Airbrush’ Ad (Sky News)

17/12/09 Jo Swinson: Beauty and the economic beast (The Independent)

16/12/09 Olay rapped for airbrushing out Twiggy’s wrinkles in advert (Daily Record)

16/12/09 Ad Watchdog Slams ‘Misleading’ Twiggy Photo (Sky News)

16/12/09 Twiggy’s Olay ad banned over airbrushing (The Guardian)

16/12/09 Airbrushed Twiggy photo ‘misleading’ (BBC News)

16/12/09 Airbrushed Twiggy advert ruled misleading by watchdog (Independent)

15/12/09 Twiggy advert which airbrushed wrinkles out to sell eye cream was ‘misleading’ (Daily Telegraph)

09/11/09 Airbrushed images harming girls and boys, experts say (Daily Telegraph)

09/11/09 Airbrushed adverts of “thin-ideal” models pose a “significant risk” to the health of young women (The Mirror)

09/11/09 End this fake perfection: Experts want a ban on airbrushing ads that leave girls loathing their own bodies (Daily Mail)

09/11/09 Faked model photo danger for girls (The Sun)

03/11/09 DIETING STARTS AGED 10 (The Mirror)

03/11/09 Girls want to be thin at 10: survey (Press Association)

03/11/09 42% of girls aged 11 to 16 are dieting (The Sun)

03/11/09 Girls are dieting at aged ten and half of teens would consider surgery to change their looks, study reveals (Daily Mail)

03/11/09 19 out of 20 young women ‘would change bodies’ (Independent)

20/10/09 Should Photos Come With Warning Labels? (New York Times)

27/09/09 Lifting the Veil of Mere Pixel Perfection (New York Times)

19/09/09 Lib Dems call for ban on airbrushed photos (The Guardian)

19/09/09 Scottish MPs lead call to ban airbrushing (The Herald)

10/09/09 Girl Guides and Lib Dems join forces to ban airbrushed ads (Children and Young People Now)

05/09/09 Now you see it, now you don’t (The Guardian)

18/08/09 Has Keira Knightley gone under the airbrush again as the face of the Coco Chanel campaign? (Daily Mail)

16/08/09 Charities condemn child beauty parlour (The Times)

13/08/09 The altered world of celebrity (Boston Globe)

09/08/09 Fiona McCade: The land of make-up believe (The Times)

05/08/09 Less airbrushing, more reality (The Guardian, Comment is free)

04/08/09 Eat, drink and be merry – for tomorrow we retouch (The Times)

05/08/09 Victoria Beckham unveils her latest Armani advert… as MP says adverts with airbrushed bodies should carry a health warning (Daily Mail)

04/08/09 Ban airbrushing in magazines and posters that ruins teen self-esteem, say Liberal Democrats (Daily Mail)

04/08/09 MP demands airbrushing in children’s advertising is banned (The Scotsman)

04/08/09 Lib Dems Call For Airbrush Ban In Kids’ Ads (Sky News)

03/08/09 Ban airbrushed ads, say Lib Dems (BBC News)

03/08/09 Ban airbrushing of models in children’s ads, says MP (The Guardian)

03/08/09 Don’t airbrush advertisements aimed at teens, say Lib Dems (The Times)

03/08/09 Airbrushing of photos should be banned, Liberal Democrats say (The Telegraph)

03/08/09 Don’t beef up Keira’s bust! Lib Dems take aim at advertisers (The Independent)

03/08/09 New campaign to ban airbrushed pics in girls’ mags (The Mirror)


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