Debenhams launches new un-airbrushed ad campaign

17 06 2010

The Campaign for Body Confidence has praised Debenhams for using un-airbrushed photography in it’s windows to launch new swimwear lines for the summer.

The department store has said it believes that over-use of digital photography techniques to create ideal body shapes and flawless skin may be a major factor in making women feel insecure about their natural looks and size.

Signs in the window will read: “We’re not messing with real beauty; this image is un-airbrushed.”

It will also show customers an example of just how much the image could have been altered; including slimming of the model’s upper arms and waist and increasing the size of her bust.

Commenting, Co-founder of the Campaign for Body Confidence Jo Swinson said:

“It’s great news that Debenhams will be using images of real women which have not been digitally manipulated to advertise their new swimwear range. More and more people are realising that airbrushing and other trickery are not necessary in order for women to look beautiful.

“I am sure that what this will demonstrate is that swimwear modelled by real women who have not been retouched can sell just as well as products advertised with extensive airbrushing, which has become the norm. Women can feel good about themselves knowing that beauty is not about achieving the unachievable.”

Caryn Franklin, fashion commentator and broadcaster, said:

“Retailers do have the power to take a stance on digital manipulation, and fashion imagery that is honest is crucial for all women to see. I’m glad to see Debenhams has taken the lead and hope other retailers will follow suit.”

Mark Woods, Director of Creative and Visual for Debenhams, said:

“As a responsible retailer we want to help customers make the most of their beauty without bombarding them with unattainable body images.

“Our campaign is all about making women feel good about themselves – not eroding their self belief and esteem by using false comparisons.

“As a rule we only airbrush minor things like pigmentation or stray hair and rely on the natural beauty of models to make our product look great.

“We are proud to bring the issue of re-touching into the main stream when the likes of Britney Spears and Madonna are using un-airbrushed but over-lit images as a shock tactic.”




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